A few words about our doctor

Dr Narcyz Sadłoń – (born 30.10.1975 in Biskupiec on Warmia) traveller and mountaineer. He took part in expeditions to the Himalayas, Alps and Caucasus Mountains. A medical doctor by trade who worked for ten years on Emergency Ward in Military Medical Institute in Warsaw. From 2009 to 2010 he was a personal physician to the president Lech Kaczyński. The founder and chairman of the Foundation “Leczyć Zdrowo” (‘Treat Healthily’) from Kościelisko, the founder and chairman of the Institute of Healthy Treatment and creator of the Polish brand, Dr Narcyz.
Presently, he is self-employed and runs his own company: Doktor Narcyz. In his medical activities, he combines traditional methods with innovative solutions of the 21st century. In his free time, he does mountaineering and various sports. During his expeditions and while doing sports he analyses the impact of physical exertion and environmental changes on human body.

Married, four daughters.

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